How You Doin? :)

Hi my name is Catherine Medina and I am the founder of Cat Wellness Corp. I decided to become a fitness instructor after many years of struggling with my own weight loss challenges. Trust me, I know it isn’t easy. I wanted to use my journey as a tool to motivate others. I want to show you that working out is actually fun. Dance has always been my passion and when I figured out I didn't have to stop dancing I was sold on fitness. My fitness career started in 2011 when i got licensed to be a Zumba Fitness instructor. Then I became a gym junkie and started to also teach Cycle, Strong Nation and Total Body weight classes. I am a DeVry University alumni with a bachelors in Business Administration and Project Management minor. God and my Family are my top priorities and I decided to quit working for Corporate America because I know saving lives through fitness is my calling. 

Find comfort in the chaos🖤💙_._._._Oppo

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